Marlin swim meter with Polar Verity Sense

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Marlin with Verity Sense lets you listen to your entire body while you swim

Marlin now comes with Polar Verity Sense, an optical heart rate monitor. The bundle allows you to monitor your swimming performance in open water and in the pool, and track your heart rate in real time, all via bone conduction audio technology.

This multi-purpose swimming companion bundle combines the latest in Motion Sensor, Voice and GPS technology, and heart rate monitoring, to deliver information to you without disrupting your swimming pace.

Marlin talks to you, so you don’t have to stop swimming in order to know all you need. Using bone conduction technology, Marlin’s voice is always super-crisp in your ear, even under water. When used in open water settings, Marlin will report your average pace and stroke rate, as well as the time and distance you swam. In a pool setting, the device will additionally notify you about your lap times. Polar Verity Sense connects and syncs with the Marlin, so that they both use the same bone conduction audio technology.

GPS technology also enables Marlin to use voice feedback to guide you while you swim. The Marlin mobile App is used to pre-set waypoints and destinations of your swim – making sure you never wander off or get lost in the water.

Thread the clip to the strap of your swimming goggles and experience ultimate comfort of heart rate tracking. Polar Verity Sense stays snug against your temple, right next to your Marlin.

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The award winning GPS Swim meter and assistant that’s designed to talk to you, now bundled with a versatile heart rate sensor. Whether you’re tired of glancing up at the pool’s clock, or looking for a convenient way to gauge your performance and keep track of your location during an open water swim, Marlin is your new best friend. Paired with Polar Verity Sense, the bundle is a truly complete monitoring and tracking suite for any athlete.

Marlin and Verity Sense use the latest technologies to provide instantaneous, relevant information about your position and performance, right to your ears.

Use the Marlin mobile App to plot a route on open water, create a personalized training routine, review and download session data, You’ll also use the Marlin app to pair and sync your device with the Verity Sense heart rate sensor. It can also connect to your favourite training and tracking app.


Key Features

Natural User Interface – Marlin communicates with you by a voice interface, using the latest in bone conduction audio technology. This allows you to access information without interruption that would affect your performance.

GPS and Swim Activity Tracking – Whether it is in open water or in a pool, Marlin can report distance/laps, splits/lap time so you can keep check of your pace and performance. GPS is used in open water and motion algorithms are used while in the pool.

Navigation – The easy to use Marlin Android/iOS App lets you set waypoints before a swim. Marlin will then notify you when you reach each waypoint. If you accidentally steer off course, Marlin can guide you back on track with audio cues.

Session Trainer – Use Bluetooth synchronization to easily configure custom training presets, and Marlin will monitor and notify you about your training performance.

Verity Sense Optical Heart Rate Sensor – When paired via the Marlin app, it will use the same audio technology as the Marlin. The OH1+ can also connect to many Bluetooth-compatible devices such as sports watches. It can also send real-time heart rate data to many popular fitness apps on both iOS and Android phones. Verity Sense can be used as a standalone optical heart rate sensor on land and in water.


Technical Specifications


  • Consists of Main Unit, Bone Conduction Unit and Charging Cable
  • Main Unit (61.5mm x 39mm x 18.5mm)
  • IPX8 (1.5m 30 minutes)
  • Battery Life (5 hours Open Water Mode or 10 hours Pool Mode)
  • Bluetooth® Low Energy

Polar Verity Sense

  • High-quality 6-LED optical heart rate monitor
  • High connectivity to other devices and fitness apps via Bluetooth and ANT+
  • Internal memory store up to 600 hours of training data, to be synced with apps and devices
  • Built for comfort: swimming goggles strap clip ensures Verity Sense is snug against your temple while you swim
  • Waterproof up to 50 meters
  • Up to 30 hours of training time on a single charge, with USB rechargeable battery


Marlin mobile App specifications

The Marlin App is available on iOS and Android and is free for download. Users of the Marlin App can:

  • Download data from Marlin through Bluetooth®
  • Configure all settings on Marlin
  • Pair and sync data with the Verity Sense heart rate sensor
  • Review previous workout summaries from Pool to Open Water
  • Define waypoints and set courses for navigation
  • Configure session trainer programs and download to device
  • Connect to leading sports platforms including Strava, Endomondo,, SportTracks, Training Peaks


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