Terms & Conditions 


These terms and conditions administer the sale of Products by IceTronics to any person or any entity which a person represents. By accessing, browsing and interacting with any part of the website http://www.icetronics.co.nz/, you agree with the terms and conditions that is hereby given.


All orders are subject to acceptance by IceTronics. Orders may not be cancelled or rescheduled without prior notice and approval. All orders must include complete details of the product/s, description, colour, brand, quantity and delivery dates.


Prices specified are exclusive of delivery fees. When applicable, additional charges shall appear as separate items on IceTronics’ invoice. Prices are not subject to change once the order was accepted unless previously withdrawn.


All payments must be done accordingly on what is stated on the payment section. IceTronics has the right to suspend deliveries once payment is not received in accordance with the agreement of sale.


Delivery dates agreed are best estimates only and any delay on the delivery due to causes that are reasonably out of control shall not be a liability of IceTronics. In the event of any delay, the delivery will be extended for a period of time that is equal to the time lost without subjecting IceTronics and the ‘buyer’ any penalty. Non-delivery or damaged products upon delivery shall be reported to IceTronics within 3 days. Delay in delivery does not entitle ‘buyer’ to cancel the order without due cause.


IceTronics guarantees the refund of the cost or to repair or replace that is free of charge any item ordered that is proven defective owing to design or materials within 30 days of the date of order acceptance.


Any return that will be made due to reasonable cause should be done within 30 days from the date of product acceptance that will be accompanied with original invoice, original packaging and reason of return. All returns are subject for acceptance by IceTronics.


This website is accessible worldwide however, not all products are available to everyone in all geographic locations. IceTronics reserves the right to limit its services with the given limitation.


IceTronics will not be liable for delays in delivery or failure in performing any obligation due to any cause that will be outside of the reasonable control including but not limited to transportation delays and unforeseen circumstances.


Provided by the Manufacturer Product Warranties, IceTronics reserves the right to approve if the product is subject for return, repair or replace. No warranty will be applied if the product is subject to mishandling, misuse or improper testing that is contradictory to industry standards.


IceTronics has the right to change the terms of these Terms and Conditions without prior notice. Anyone is responsible to review these Terms and Conditions before accessing, interacting and/or using any part of the website.